Storied Eats 

Storied Eats is a personal project that combines books and baking; two of my favorite things. As part of this project, I developed a brand identity, experimented with food illustration, and ate copious amounts of chocolate chip cookies.

Role: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, and Copywriting

Storied Eats Logo System


For this project, I wanted to push myself to use visual elements outside of my day-to-day design work. The logo features the typeface, Realtime Text, a friendly sans-serif that mimics a typewriter-style look with its soft but angular look. It's reminiscent of old-fashioned images of novel writing without being dated. A custom element that I added to the logo is a whisk with a dollop of whipped cream on top. This illustration serves as the "o" in "Storied" and an icon to use in place of the logo when space is limited. I chose Warnock Pro as the secondary typeface. Its old-style classification makes it great for literary discussion. 

In addition to the logo and type system, I also developed a color palette for the brand. I purposefully learned towards warmer colors for this project because those colors tend to remind people of lush table settings and cozy meals. 

Storied Eats Color System

Food illustrations

While researching recipes that I might be interested in, I decided to illustrate the ones that stood out. As a designer, my goal was to practice illustration styles and textures within Adobe Illustrator. This exercise is one I may eventually continue, but for now, I've included my favorite illustrations below.