Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Presented by Fenway Health

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I worked closely with the Women's Health Team at Fenway Health to develop a multichannel campaign that would highlight the disproportionate impact breast cancer has had on women of color and LGBTQ women. This campaign also included the promotion of the Audre Lorde Cancer Awareness Brunch celebration and elevated the voices of those affected by cancer. 

Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Research, and Writing
Recognition: Infographic featured in the October 24, 2017 edition of LGBT HealthLink on the Huffington Post.

Special edition content hub

In partnership with the women's health program coordinator, I created a single online place for people to interact with all of the campaign's multimedia content, namely survivor story videos, social media graphics, infographics, and a downloadable resource guide.

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Landing Page

Print materials

As part of this campaign, I designed the infographic and resource guide. To tie together all of the print and digital materials, I developed a visual identity inspired by a dream Audre Lorde shared in her book, The Cancer Journals. In this ocean, she is surrounded by women who give her the energy to move forward after her battle with cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Infographic

Social media design

Below are a few of the social media assets designed for the campaign. The content featured cancer facts and prevention tips as well as testimonials from women in the community and Audre Lorde.