Refresh Your Day Tour

Presented by Her Campus and Extra 

Extra and Her Campus partnered to produce the Refresh Your Day Tour. The multi-stop tour took place in Boston and New York City and allowed young adults to play around in a plush ball pit and try several new flavors of Extra Gum.

As the lead designer, I developed a campaign brand and collateral to support the tour, including a custom van wrap and digital advertising creative.

Role: Art Direction, Branding, Digital, and Print Design
Event Design & Marketing Lead: Maggie Scenna

Violet color version of the Refresh Your Day tour logo
Orange color version of the Refresh Your Day tour logo
Green color version of the Refresh Your Day tour logo

Event Branding

I began this project by first developing an event brand. The goal was to create something fun and youthful and emphasize the value of community and Extra Gum's role. I was inspired by friendship, harmony, and goodwill themes when crafting the color palette. I also wanted to create a brand system that would work in concert with Extra Gum's existing brand and gum flavors. The logo mark is set in Navigo, a geometric sans serif with interesting terminals that give it character. I chose this typeface because it would be legible in numerous sizes, allowing for flexibility when working on digital and print collateral. It's also readable to people when the event activation is in motion. Navigo is supported by Balloon URW, a fun, marker-like sans serif. Balloon URW was used for the campaign's slogan, "Give Extra. Get Extra."

Event Activation

The tour featured a custom-wrapped truck, which also served as a ball pit for attendees to play around in. The balls were shaped and colored to mimic Extra Gum. Two tour-branded pop-up banners bookended the tour truck. The overall experience allowed attendees to engage with the brand and authentically meet new people within their city. 

Video courtesy of Her Campus Media