You Got Mail: Packaging Design for Influencer Kits

I enjoy working on packaging projects. It provides an opportunity to express a brand, beyond its logo, in a very tactile way. When it comes to designing the box, I consider what it'll look like on the outside and the interior because that's typically what influencers tend to show and engage with. I aim to communicate the brand and campaign in a way that will delight audiences and help them connect.

Celebrating Teachers

Packaging design for a "Thank you" box to celebrate teachers who helped raise awareness about how communities can show up for students and their community. One teacher who received the package created a fun "unboxing" video for TikTok.

Company: M+R
Role: Art Direction and Design

Spring Awakening

Packaging design for the InfluenceHer Collective's seasonal kit.  The packaging is fun and colorful and speaks to the season the kit was released. The Collective is made up of Gen-Z and Millenial influencers.

Company: Her Campus Media
Role: Art Direction and Design

Video courtesy of Her Campus Media

Gif of two images of a college student holding the Campus Trendsetter care package

Handle With Care

Packaging design for the Campus Trendsetters' Care Package. The care packages are sent to college students so they can try new products and offer their opinions on their experience. 

Company: Her Campus Media
Role: Art Direction and Design

Photos of college influencers holding the Campus Trendsetter care package.