Live Arts Boston: The First Three Years

Live Arts Boston is an arts grant program led by the Boston Foundation in partnership with the Barr Foundation. The program aims to provide artists in the Greater Boston area with flexible financial support and coaching so they can experiment and produce artistic work.

In recognition of the grant program's first three years, I worked closely with the program team to create an online content hub and print report featuring artist stories and programmatic data. Our goals were to amplify grantees' experiences, highlight how the program advances racial equity within Boston's arts and culture community, and share insights into how the Boston Foundation and its partners ran the program for other similar initiatives to learn from.

Client: The Boston Foundation
Editorial and Visual Design

Content Hub

The initial high-fidelity mockups I created featured a series of linked web pages. After talking with the team, we decided to simplify the story, limiting the hub to a single page. In future iterations, I focused on streamlining the key narrative points for the general public, leveraging iconography to display data accessibly, and prioritizing the display of artist stories.   

Live Arts Boston webpage sections

Print Report

While visiting the content hub, audiences could download the full report to get a detailed view of the program and the grantees' experiences. I designed the print report, leveraging the Boston Foundation's existing brand to bring the materials to life.