Create The Vote

To support MassCreative's 2020 voter engagement campaign, Create the Vote, I designed the campaign's visual identity. This organization mobilizes creatives, institutions, underestimated communities, and political leaders to build financial resources for Massachusetts' arts and culture community. It was essential to create a visual identity that was flexible enough to align with all of the campaign's partner organizations and reflect its diverse audience.

Client: MassCreative
 Art Direction and Graphic Design

Behind the logo

This campaign's logo will appear alongside several different institutional logos. So I wanted to create something that looked contemporary and was reminiscent of the visual language within art and culture spaces so that the final design would work harmoniously with the others. I chose a condensed sans-serif font for the logo because it's complementary to MassCreative's logotype and reflects the campaign's movement-building agenda. 

I selected the purple shade that appears in the MassCreative logo as the primary Create the Vote logo color. Purple is a symbol of creativity and is more recently known as a bi-partisan color.

My favorite part of the logo is the treatment of "The." Since this campaign is about voter engagement and education, we wanted a portion of this design to speak to that. In this case, I've turned the "The" into a paper ballot that someone is submitting for processing. 

Create the Vote logo suite

Additional concepts

When designing a logo, I explore a couple of concepts with the client before we ultimately choose a particular art direction. Overall, we enjoyed the ideas below, but we decided that the final design was more aligned with the campaign goals and audience.

Create the Vote additional concepts

Better in color

The primary campaign logo appears in purple. However, we also wanted to create four alternative versions of the logo in colors that worked well with the campaign partners. (You can see the execution of this in the page's header.)

Create the Vote color system